Bat Removal

Bat proofing of the entire structure. Installation of one-way devices at entry points. High-quality finishes are used to blend our work into your existing home’s finishes. 1-year minimum warranty.

Guano Clean Up

Attic cleanouts. Legal disposal of infected material. Air quality testing. Air scrubbing & purification. Home disinfection. Reinstallation of damaged insulation.

Insurance Coverage Help

Insurance coordination. Professional xactimate proposal preparation. 20 + years of insurance coordination experience.

Residential Bat Removal Request

    Guano Clean up


    Our team has over two decades of experience and serves clients in and around Mobile, Dothan, Panama City, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, and Hoover, we also service areas in between all of the above cities. We specialize in bat removal, guano cleanup, animal removal, attic restoration, and animal proofing services.

    Call 251-725-7896 to learn more about our services today. You can also reach us by filling out the form on this page.


    Bat Removal and Repair Process


    Inspection and Evaluation

    Our technician will perform a complete inspection of your home/roof/attic to understand the bat infestation better. This allows us to determine whether you qualify for insurance coordination as well.

    Bat Proofing

    We seal your home using the latest methods, and the highest quality finishes to ensure that once we exclude the bat colonies, they cannot reenter elsewhere.

    Bat Exclusion

    After your home is bat-proofed, we set proprietary one-way devices at all the locations we have found bat activity. We return 3 - 7 days later to confirm all the bats are out and remove our devices sealing up the openings.

    Guano Clean Up

    We remove all of the contaminated insulation in your attic or crawl space, disinfect the area, and test for fungal spores. Once this is done, we reinstall the new insulation and any additional materials damaged by the bat guano and urine.

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    When you hire us for bat removal services, you know you are getting highly qualified professionals who have the expertise and experience to ensure your project is performed correctly and safely.

    If you think you have a bat colony in your home do not delay call us now or fill out the form and one of our technicians will call you asap.

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    Mobile, Dothan, Panama City, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, and all surrounding areas.


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    Residential Bat Removal Request

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