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We specialize in residential bat removal and guano clean-up and offer a minimum 1-year warranty on all of our projects.

Guano Clean up

Full attic cleanouts. Industry-standard disinfection of the entire affected space.

Histoplasmosis Air Quality Testing

Histoplasmosis fungal spores live in piles of guano. We test the air quality to make sure you and your family are safe.

Urine Odor Mitigation

Negative airflow technology and modern deodorizing equipment to remove the toxic bat urine odor.

Air Scrubbing

We utilize the industry’s most advanced restoration equipment to clear foul odors out of your home.

Structural Damage Repair

Bat Guano and Calcified urine can destroy a home if left to eat away at your structure.

Insurance Coordination

Homeowners insurance claim expert help. We have over 20 years of experience working with insurance adjusters.


Guano Clean up Solutions

Town Homes



Large Homes


We are committed to cleaning the guano build-up and calcified bat urine in your home to the highest standard. Guano clean-up is no easy task, it is hot, stinky, dangerous work, and there are health risks to consider. During the clean-up phase, Animal repair and removal technicians clean your entire home using the latest HEPA filter technology on all of our equipment and create negative air space barriers to protect clean areas of your home. You can trust us. We have been performing bat remediation and guano clean-up work for the past 20 years.

Step One

Safe Removal of all contaminated material in the home.

Step Two

Air Quality testing, air scrubbing, disinfecting of contaminated areas, and deodorizing.

Step Three

Installation of new material removed during step one. This can include insulation, drywall, trim, paint.

Do not try to clean guano and urine contaminated areas yourself. The risk of histoplasmosis infection and falling hazards make it worth calling the guano removal experts.

If you need guano clean-up services, do not delay, call us now or fill out the form, and one of our technicians will contact you asap.

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Mobile, Dothan, Panama City, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, and all surrounding areas.


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